October Newsletter and schedule of services

.         Rota for the Corwen Group of Parishes October 2016

.                             2nd                 9th              16th             23rd                30th

Carrog               9:30 HF     11am  HC    9:30 HC      11am MP

.                           Rector          Tony          Rector           WL               Joint

Corwen            10:45 HC     10:45 HC   10:45 MP    10:45 MP

.                        Margaret        Rector       Dorothi        Dorothi

.                                                                                                           Service

Cynwyd            9:30 HC       9:30 HC      9:30 MP     9:30 MP

.                         Visitor          Rector    Dorothi / Brenda / Dorothi

.                                                                                                               in

Glyndyfrdwy    11am HF      9:30 MP     11am HC    9:30 HC

.                          Rector         Dorothi        Rector         Tony

.                                                                                                    Gwyddelwern

Gwyddelwern                      5:30pm HF                                          10:30 HC

.                                               Rector                                                 Rector

.     HC = Holy Communion.  MP = Morning Prayer.  HF = Harvest Festival

Rector: Canon Martin Snellgrove                                               01490 413 520

Assistant Curate:  Rev Dorothi Madogwen Evans                      01678 520 496

Rev Heather Fenton and Rev Margaret Harvey                          01490 412 169

Rev Tony Dilworth                                                                     01490 430 586

Brenda Smedley – the Reader based in this group of parishes

7pm on Tuesday 27th September in Carrog Village Hall – a most important meeting for all church members to learn about and ask questions about the proposed restructuring of the parishes of our deanery into Mission Areas, and to discuss how the deanery should be divided.  This workshop will be led by Paul Fisher of Carrog.  See overleaf.

The next meeting of the Ladies’ Friendship group is on Wednesday 5th October at 2pm in Canolfan Ni when the Rev’d Elaine Atack, Rector of Bala, will speak on ‘All the World’s a Stage’.

From the Rector                               Sunday 25th September 2016

With reference to the proposed meeting in Carrog on 27th September the formation of Mission Areas appears to involve a mixture of decisions which have been made by the diocese, such as that the church will be restructured in this way, and decisions which are for the local churches to make, such as to how the deaneries will be divided.  The intention is that the church generally will benefit from a form of leadership in which the experience, vision and commitment of its lay members will complement that of its clergy.

This diocese has ruled that a Mission Area must include at least two stipendiary (full-time) clerics.  The full-time clerics in this deanery are:

the Rev’d Elaine Atack – Bala

the Rev’d Sandra Roberts – Llandrillo, Llandderfel, Maerdy, Betws GG

myself – also responsible for the Cerrigydrudion group of parishes

the Rev’d Andrew Sully – the Llangollen Group of Parishes

The Venerable Bob Griffiths – Llandegla and Bryneglwys – as Archdeacon of Wrexham, has 25% of his time allocated to these parishes, and the Rev’d Edward Yendal – the Glyn Ceiriog Group of parishes – counts as 40% full-time since he is a house-for-duty priest.

The front cover of the current edition of Teulu Asaph shows all the parishes in this deanery of Penllyn & Edeyrnion fairly clearly.


May I set out the main points of change which have been proposed?

  • When the deanery is divided it will consist of Mission Areas (MAs) which will function as United Parishes consisting of a group of Anglican churches within that district.  This will be overseen by a single Parochial Church Council (PCC) which will be called the Mission Area Conference (MAC).  Each church in the Mission Area will elect a representative to serve on the Mission Area Conference
  • Each church within the Mission Area will be entitled to have a Church Committee which will continue to be responsible for the day-to-day running of that church.
  • Legal responsibilities which currently rest with the PCCs will become the responsibility of the Mission Area Conference, because this will be the PCC for the Mission Area, and therefore, under the Church in Wales Constitution, the body charged with such matters as the Electoral Roll and Faculty Applications.
  • The Mission Area Conference is encouraged to appoint two sub-committees, consisting of members from each church in the Mission Area, to take responsibility for Finance and for Buildings & Property.  These sub-committees are intended to be a resource to individual Church Committees as well as to the Mission Area Conference, sharing wisdom & experience and helping them deal with these important responsibilities.
  • The Mission Area Conference will also elect an Executive which will be accountable to it and be responsible for the day-to-day running of the Mission Area.
  • The Clergy and Licensed Lay Ministers (Readers, Evangelists etc) within the Mission Area will work together as a Shared Ministry Team (SMT) but clergy will continue to have pastoral responsibility for particular churches and to use their customary titles.
  • The Shared Ministry Team will work with other Lay Ministers in the local churches (Worship Leaders, Pastoral Assistants and Youth / Children’s Workers) and seek to support all church members in their Christian life and in their own ministry.
  • Each church will have two sub-wardens who will largely serve the church in the same way as wardens do currently but without the same legal responsibilities.  These constitutional responsibilities will rest with the two Mission Area Wardens.
  • Each Mission Area will identify its vision for helping its churches to engage with the wider community and to grow, and also to develop its priorities to enable this to happen.

You might ask, How will this affect me?

The extent to which these changes affect you will depend on what your current role within the church is:

  • I’m a regular worshipper – for you the changes will probably not be very great.  The changes mentioned above will not have much immediate impact on your regular services and events.  However, as  we focus on becoming a more outward-looking church, we will all need to work together to find the best ways to help God’s church to grow in its faith, its discipleship and its service to the community.
  • I’m a PCC member – The PCC in your church will become the Church Committee, which will be able to focus on the day-to-day running and maintenance of the church, since the bigger, out-of-the-ordinary decisions will be the responsibility of the Mission Area Council.  You will no longer need to be a trustee for Charity Commission Purposes.
  • I’m a Church Warden – Your day-to-day role will be much the same as now but you won’t have all the legal responsibilities which currently come with the role.
  • I’m a Deanery Conference Member – You will have a key role in communication between your Church Committee and the Mission Area – particularly since the Mission Area Conference will have more responsibility than the present Deanery Conference.  You will also hold the legal responsibilities which are currently held by PCC members for the churches in the Mission Area.  The Mission Area will be offering training for your new role and there will be a new election for Mission Area Conference members once the number of members has been agreed.

So What happens next.

The Deanery Conference is charged with making the decision about if and how the deanery will be divided, that is, which parishes will form the new Mission Area or Mission Areas.  This will be at a meeting at 7pm on Tuesday 4th October in Carrog Village Hall.  It is principally elected members of the Deanery Conference who will attend but if any churches do not have their quota of two members, or if these members cannot attend, then other members of that church are welcome to represent them.

The decision will be forwarded to the November meeting of the Standing Committee of the Diocesan Conference and thus the process of establishing the new Mission Areas will take its course, with the nominated groups of parishes being known as Emerging Mission Areas until their administration is established, some time in 2017.