Ministry Area of Bro Moelwyn

We are a bilingual parish in a slate town in North Wales. Blaenau Ffestiniog is famous not just for its slate (and its weather) but also for its music. We are always happy to see new people in church, whether ‘locals’ or visitors.

About the church

Adeiladwyd yr Eglwys yn 1842 i’r chwarelwyr drwy rodd o £2,000 gan Mrs Oakley. Atgyweiriwyd dwy waith, y diweddaraf yn 1995, cadwyd y tu mewn gwreiddiol. Yn 1942 cysegrwyd ffenest liw hardd – ‘Ffenest y Chwarelwyr’.

Service Times

First Sunday
9.30, Offeren
Second Sunday
9.30, Offeren
Third Sunday
9.30, Boreol Weddi
Fourth Sunday
11.15, Offeren
Fifth Sunday
10.00, Offeren mewn un o’r eglwysi yn y bywoliaeth

Other Services

10am, Bore Dydd Iau, Offeren

Opening Times

Public Transport


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