October 22

Tomorrow: Church in Wales Day of Prayer for Evangelism
A day of prayer throughout the Province is being organised for tomorrow, Monday 23rd October. We will participate on the morning of that day, by following this timetable at Nolton:
9am – Morning Prayer; 10am – Eucharist; 10.30am-noon – silent prayer / quiet time; 1pm – Prayer Group at the Shentons.
This is a day in which we can all take part, whether or not you can get to church or the prayer group – why not commit to 5 minutes of prayer at home?

Healing Eucharist – Tuesday
Our monthly Healing Service for October is a Eucharist with optional anointing; 7.30pm Tuesday at Nolton.

Events Committee – Meeting Wednesday
7.30pm at the Rectory. Thanks – Gaynor

Reformation Day Commemoration – 31st October
The last day of the month is the 500th anniversary of the nailing up of the 95 Theses by Martin Luther, the date known as Reformation Day. We will be holding an ecumenical service to mark the day at 7pm on Tuesday 31st October, in Nolton. All are welcome.

Coity Sunday Club Cake Sale
The Annual cake sale took place on 15th October and sales were brisk, as usual. Thanks to the efforts of the GPBO (Great Parish Bake-Off) volunteers and the generosity of the customers from the congregation and Sunday Club families, by the end of the sale, £142.65 had been raised. Following a democratic vote amongst the children, half of the money raised will be going to Y Bont and half will be used to fill shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. A big thank you to all who baked, helped with the sale and those who ate the cakes. Sue Morgan

Autumn Fair – Donations Required

It’s that time of year when we are preparing for the spectacular Autumn Fair (Saturday 18th November). In order to make it a great success we are looking for donated items for the various stalls and raffle. If you are able to contribute any toiletries, bottles, bric a brac, or books (but please no magazines, manuals, clothing or electrical items) they would be most gratefully received. Items can be dropped into the Office or to church. Thank you in advance. The Events Committee

Nolton Christmas Tree Festival 1-9 Dec: – Help Needed
It’s not much more than a month until this year’s Festival opens to the public, and as in previous years we’re looking for ‘church sitters’ to be in church during the weekdays, and also Saturday 2nd. If you can spare an hour or two please let the Office, or the clergy, or Gaynor Coles know – all offers of assistance are greatly appreciated!

Old Pound Coins…
As most people will know the round pound coins are going out of circulation, and many retailers no longer accept them. If you find any at the back of the sofa / under the mattress, our Treasurer is still very happy to take them to the bank on your behalf – for the fee of £1!

Parish Visiting and Befriending Team
Most people will be aware that we have a small but enthusiastic and faithful group of people who are members of the parish’s V&B team. Our list of people to be visited does not grow shorter, but our list of V&B members does. So, if this is something you could imagine yourself doing, or wish to know more, please contact the Rector. No qualifications required, training provided!

The Christmas Story – Update
There was a good turnout for the meeting on the 11th of this month, with a number of volunteers present who were prepared to make costumes. We also need someone to Direct/Produce the play. Although the narrative is all on tape, there is plenty of scope for a creative person to put her/his stamp on this production – directing movements, facial expressions etc. If you know of someone who fits the bill, or fancy having a go yourself please get in touch with me at or 01656 650185

Christmas Shoe Boxes
It’s Christmas shoe box time and at the back of the churches there is a box for donations. As inflation catches up with us we know that to fill a show box has become costly. Any small donation will help. Thankyou.

Thank You
Margaret Miller would like to thank all who shared her significant birthday celebration and also for the cards received. So far the total for Velindre Hospital has topped the £300 mark.

Weekday Eucharist?
It’s been suggested that there might be a demand for an early afternoon Eucharist once a month, say 1pm or 2pm on a weekday in Nolton. If this is something that you would support please let the clergy know.