December 17

Christmas Tree Festival
The final count has yet to be communicated to us, but early indications were that an amount in the region of £2300 was raised by the Festival. Our thanks once again to all who helped, contributed or supported in any way.

Advent Lunches
Our thanks, too, to Marcia for organising this year’s Advent Lunches, and all who helped as cookers / waitresses / etc., and all who supported with their patronage; we’re grateful to you all.

Nativity from Scratch – December 23rd
WANTED: The Nativity from Scratch is short of angel and shepherd costumes, especially angels. If you have any costumes of any size you could donate to the Nativity From Scratch please take them to the office or see Glenda. All involved should arrive at 10am for the 10.30am start. Thank you. Glenda

Oenwen Jones RIP
Oenwen has for many years been a worshipper at Coity, and had been ill for some months. Her funeral will be in St Mary’s, Coity, on Thursday 28th December, at noon, followed by interment in the family grave. We remember her family in our prayers at this time of their bereavement.

Carol Services
As might be expected this coming week is full of carol services. As every church is a public event please feel free to attend any or all of them.

  • Monday: 7pm Nolton, Bryntirion Comprehensive School
  • Tuesday: Nolton, Brynteg Comprehensive School
  • Tuesday: 7pm Coity Church
  • Wednesday: 7pm St Mary’s Catholic Church – Community Carol Service
  • Thursday: 6pm St Crallo’s, Coychurch – Community Carol Service
  • Thursday: 7pm Nolton Church
  • Sunday 24th: 9.30am St Mary’s, Brackla

Bridgend Ministry Area (MA) – Christmas Services
On behalf of our MA partners we’re happy to advertise some of their Christmas services. Of special note are the following:

  • Thursday 21st December, 7pm – All Saints, Pen-y-Fai:
    Compline, Carols and Coffee by candlelight
  • Sunday 24th December 7.30pm – St David’s, Laleston:
    First Communion of Christmas

Nolton Church Cleaning
Our preparation of the church for Christmas will take place on Saturday 23rd, from 9.30am. All help appreciated.

The Bridgend Christmas Story
A big thank you for all those who participated in this pre-Christmas great event, the first ever of its kind in our town, to: the seamstresses with the most amazing costumes made with a variety of fabrics; those volunteer actors and actresses who gave us OSCAR-Winning Performances,

(including our Reverend Father Mike as a “Wise Man” and our Reverend Mark as a magnificent Centurion), bringing The Greatest Story on Earth to school children and our townsfolk and beyond. Our audiences were dazzled by the innovative stage lighting also and powerful audio-script

transforming the Tabernacle (Derwen Road) into a spectacular theatrical auditorium. Thank you again for your greatly appreciated participation.

Dr Susy Rogers – Director, working with Stage Director Yvonne Hudd