Job Club, Debt Advice, Release groups


Christians Against Poverty (CAP) are an organisation that helps local churches serve the community in projects that help bring people out of poverty.

all 4 cap areas leaflet  Click here to download a brief leaflet with details of all four areas of CAP work in Pontypridd: Money courses,Debt Advice, job Club and Release groups.

We are part of local churches running CAP work, with a team of volunteers who understand life’s problems and can bring a message of hope.  For any of the groups, please phone freephone 0800 32800006 (or landline 01274760839) and the CAP switchboard will take you from there and direct you to the Pontypridd team.  Or you can contact our local CAP worker, Lorraine on 07513930486


Our debt advice centre, currently supporting over 30 families with £600,00 to become debt free.  we will come to your home or meet in the community to help accompany you on a path to becoming debt free.  contact the centre manage, Lorraine on 07513930486


Since Autumn we’ve been running a CAP Release Team that will be helping to support people out of addictive lifestyles.  The latest group started in March on Thursdays but if you’d like more info on future meetings, contact Jackie on 07960599240


A three session course that helps you look after your money better and learn how to budget, spend and save well.


Anyone can join the club, people of all faiths or none, and the Job club offers:

* an 8 week course on confidence as a job seeker, including sessions on setting goals, gaining self-worth, interview practice.

* one to one coaching session for job seekers to have a supporting person listen to their needs and help them reflect on how they are progressing

* a community of folk who are looking for employment and can understand the issues surrounding this in today’s life.

Our next Job Club Course begins on May 12th at 10am ,but until it begins you can drop in every Thursday for support. in job seeking.  since we began in January 2015 we’ve had 70 people on the course and 15 are now in employment, others are volunteering or gaining skills to get full time employment, and we’d say that everyone who attended the course felt valued and encouraged.

If you would like to know more or help out, please contact Vicar Peter on 07944056335.

Here is a visiting employer from Mitie spending time with the our Job Course clientssharing about the advantages of volunteering and work placements

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