11 days of Prayer with Thy Kingdom Come

thy kingdom come

Jesus invited people to come to him and find living water bubbling into their life.

Thy Kingdom Come is a movement across loads of churches from different backgrounds to take the step of making a focus on prayer for that bubbling new life.

On the 11 days from Ascension Day 25th May as we remember the risen Jesus ascending into heaven, to Pentecost on June 4th where we celebrate the first day that the Holy Spirit came and filled all believers hearts.

You can use a daily prayer sheet here to help you and we’re asking everyone to remember 5 people in their prayers over these days, people who are friends or family or colleagues for whom you would love to see them grow in faith.

10 Days Prayer Leaflet_Welsh

During the 10 days,, St Catherine’s building is open from 9am  to 4pm on weekdays for people to come in and have a quieter time, using the prompts for prayer around the church.

If you are praying at home, then please pray for these area of our life and mission.  They are very practical needs, generally for a boldness and servant hearts to lift people into positions needed for the projects to flourish.

For protection and strength over the leaders of different churches in Pontypridd area., with a renewed vision for being together.

For the special mission week in Pontypridd in the second week of July where different churches are together on the streets sharing faith.

For Street Pastors, that we will see new people come forward to join us on the streets and as prayer pastors.

For Christians Against Poverty, that people linked to our projects will grow into faith.  For additional leaders in the Job Club, for new referral contacts for Release, for sustainable funding for the Debt Centre, to know the best time to put on the next Life Skills course.

For Cafe Connect, to give thanks for Tina and the volunteers, and to pray for discernment on taking the project forward especially to develop and funding  for a role of volunteer coordinator.

For SPREE, our youth weekend away in June, where we’ve been blessed with all the funding being met – pray for a strong deepening of faith in the young people and for someone to seize a calling to minister amongst them.

For Foodbank that operates out of St Catherine’s – recent incidents means that we have stepped up security in the church and we’d like you to pray for protection over the clients and helpers.

For our Furniture Restoration Project which can’t start at the moment until those leading it have some more space in their life to set up.