Repairs to church bellcote

April 21 2017

The church is facing a large repair bill in the next few months to fund the replacement of the bellcote. For a few months heavy rain in a certain direction resulted in ingress of water through the roof into the church. It took a while to find a specialist contractor to investigate the cause, but with the help of the Churches Conservation and Development officer in the Diocesan office one was eventually contacted. The investigation identified that the legs of the bellcote which pass through the slated roof had wet rot.

Damaged Bellcote

While a temporary repair was carried out on one of the legs, it was pointed out that the deterioration in the timber meant that the bellcote would have to be replaced or removed and the roof made good. The need for this action was confirmed by the churches architect.

Quotations have been received and a faculty drawn up, the total cost will be over £10,000, which is a large sum for a small church to find and it is hoped that grant aid will be found to help with the costs. The Diocesan Funding Administrator is providing information on sources of grant aid and his advice is excellent.

Updated August 14 2017

The response to the requests for grant aid has been excellent and the full amount that we can receive has been reached (because the building is not listed we have to pay VAT on the repair cost, this cannot be given in grant aid),

The contractor, Harrison Specialist Joinery, removed the old bellcote on July 28th and work on manufacturing the new unit is well advanced. It will not be long before we can ring the bell once again and ,let the community know that the service is about to start in Sinan

Updated on September 3 2017

On September 1 the scaffolding came down to allow the first sight of the new bellcote in position, and it looked wonderful.

After what seems like a long time with a leaking roof causing concern among the congregation and then finding out that the bellcote needed replacing and all the financial

worries about where the money was going to come from, the bellcote is now in place