2017 Cefn Village Fete

This was the 30th consecutive year that a fete has been held in the parish. The numbers attending have increased year on year and whereas the first 28 were held in All Saints church, Sinan, in 2016 the venue was changed to the Neuadd Owen Village Hall, because the event had literally outgrown the previous location. To help cope with the greater numbers attending, the congregation of St Mary’s, Cefn also joined in the organising of the event.


The organiser of the 2017 event, Karin Jones promised a ‘bigger and better’ event and that promise was more than fulfilled. The fete was officially opened at one o’clock by Mrs Daphne Tilley, affectionately known as the “Lamb Lady” and continued until about eleven o’clock when the Hog Roast, the last event of the day finished. A long, but very rewarding day for those helping on stalls, making refreshments etc.

The visitors turned up in good numbers, and while the exact number cannot be stated, as entry was free and no tickets were issued, the money taken on refreshments, whichHounds visit Feteis a good indicator of the number attending, was double the amount taken in 2016. To add more atmosphere to the day, Beulah Brass band agreed to come along and play background music for the afternoon. While there weren’t many people sitting concentrating on listening to the music one was aware of the sound of the brass band and it seemed to raise everyone’s spirits. Even the hounds from the hunt came to listen to the band.


A new feature this year was the Community marquee, which contained displays from Community Marquee at Feteorganisations/groups/churches etc. associated with the area. The purpose of the marquee was to give the organisations the opportunity to “sell themselves” to the community. This initiative came about following discussions with the Community Council, where it was agreed that some action was needed to improve the community spirit. This issue probably results from the fact that the community is split in two, with a 2 mile single track road running between the two main populated areas. This would appear to have resulted in the residents of the area not considering it as one community. However, this is gradually changing as a result of an initiative by the Neuadd Owen which has been holding a social gathering on the last Friday of the month for about a year. It is beginning to draw people from both ends of the parish, and giving them the opportunity to socialise. The community marquee was one of the church’s initiatives to assist in this process of change.


Children's Tractor rideThe event was advertised as having something for all the family, so while the men in the family were looking enviously at some of the immaculate cars on show, and comparing the capabilities of the vintage tractors against  the latest technology, the children were perfectly happy in  a trailer, sitting on bales of straw, being pulled around the field by a tractor. One of Eddie Stobart’s liveried Tractor units was also displayed on the field. The driver and owner of the truck kindly explained all the features of his new Volvo unit to anyone who was able to climb the four steep steps to get up to the cab. The cab is literally home to the driver during his working week, with a bed, cooking facilities, TV etc.  The driver’s view from the cab was superb.


While all this was going on in the field outside the Neuadd, the personnel manning the two BBQ’s and the excellent kitchen in the Neuadd, were working hard trying to satisfy everyone’s requirements for refreshments.

In the Hall, a cafe style seating arrangement for refreshments was shared with stalls selling home-made cakes, books, speciality glasswork, as well as tickets for the Prize Draw and a Table top raffle.


Two attractions, which are not normally available to the public were arranged by the kind permission of Sir Watkin Williams Wynn,  these were the opportunity to visit Cefn caves, which are normally closed to the public because of safety considerations. To minimise the risk of injury the visit to the caves was in organised groups. The other one was the opportunity to view the gardens of Plas yn Cefn.


The final event of the day was a Hog Roast with entertainment provided by the Take 3 jazz band. Towards the end of the evening the winning tickets from the Prize draw was made. The proceeds from this draw will be shared between the 2 charities, St Kentigern’s hospice and Kanzi Kibera friends and the two churches in the parish. The charities have been supported by All Saints, Sinan for the past 10 years and in that period have donated £8,380 to St Kentigern’s Hospice and £10,428 to Kanzi Kibera Friends


The congregation of the Parish of Cefn would like to thank everyone who attended the event and made it a day to remember, and a special word of thanks goes to all the volunteer helpers who made this event possible