A warm welcome guaranteed

The congregation of Sinan, altough small in numbers, are very active in the life of the church. Anyone new attending worship can be assured of a warm welcome and would find that the services are designed to inclusive, with the congregation committed to reach out and be relevant to the community, in witness to the love of Christ.

The following paragraph was written by a young man, straight out of university, who came to work in the area and who worshipped at Sinan while he lived in the community. His career has now taken him away to pastures new. All Saints Church, Sinan has a fantastic warmth and friendliness about it that made me feel instantly part of the church family when I was new to the area. It is a small, highly interactive congregation where everyone is made to feel included.”

Families with small children should not be concerned about bringing them to any of our services, we have books and toys to help keep them occupied durin ghte service and if they ar enoisy the congregation will not mind, we have seen and heard it all before. After all Jesus said “ Suffer the litle children to come unto me.”