Mission Statement

The following mission statement was prepared by the congregation at a time of change in the Church of Wales, with the aim for everyone who worshipped in Sinan having a shared vision of the future for the church.

Our ten year vision is one of expansion, whilst keeping the very essence of what makes us such a vibrant, happy and welcoming, albeit small, church community. We will have varied forms of worship to cater for all ages and preferences. These will not be confined to Sundays, but we will continue to have a weekly Sunday service. Sinan will be an example of excellent practice in collaborative ministry, led by the Rector of the Parish, and incorporating the talents of a wide range of lay ministry and discipleship. However, the Eucharist will continue to be at the heart of our Christian worship. In order to sustain and develop this, we will need to rely on and nurture the development of non stipendiary ministry (NSM). We will continue to build on the strong foundational relationships we have with the local school and chapel communities, exploring opportunities for shared and inclusive worship. We will continue our fundraising for local, national and overseas charities, as our Christian response to those who are in need. The life and work of Sinan will bear witness to the love of Christ and with His grace, our vision will be fulfilled