The Parish of Llansanffraid Glan Conwy

Hello we are an ancient parish founded in the 5th century by Maelgwyn Gwynedd and so the worship of God has been offered up on this site for 1500 years.
The parish lies on the banks of the Afon Conwy and faces the problems and challenges of change and development lying as it does a mile from the A55 Express Way.With a lively Choir. enthusiastic Mothers Union and a very talented Banner Group The Church of Llansanffraid extends a warm welcome to all

About the church

The Church / Eglwys Llan

Our Parish was founded in the 5th Century by Maelgwn Gwynedd thus the worship of God has been offered up here for 1500 years.We try to be a warm and welcoming church with a great empasise on music and singing. We are a bilingual church with regular services in Welsh and English and we celebrate the major festivals with bilingual services. With an enthusiastic Choir, Mothers Union and Banner Group and numerous fund raising and social events during the year we
are also a very busy and active church.We face the challenges of being a Parish on the border of Rural and Urban Area, close to the A55.We extend a warm welcome at all our services.

Mae Eglwys Llansanffraid yn estyn gwahoddiad gynnes iawn i unrhyw un sy’n eisiau ymuno gyda ni i addoli Dduw yn yr iaith Cymraeg ; neu i ddysgwyr. Croeso Cynnes iawn i chi

Service Times

First Sunday
11.15,Holy Communion

17.00, Cymun Bendigaid(Welsh Eucharist)

Second Sunday
11.15,Holy Communion

17.00, Gosper a Phregeth(Welsh Evensong)

Third Sunday
11.15,Holy Communion

17.00, Gosper a Phregeth

Fourth Sunday
11.15,Morning Prayer

17.00, Gosper a Phregeth

Fifth Sunday
11.15,Holy Communion

17.00,Gosper a Phregeth

Other Services

Wednesday,10.00am,Holy Communion (Bilingual)

Opening Times

Occupying the same site for over 1000 years the present church was built between 1839-1841.A simple Romanesque basillica style is entered through a west door between two slim towers the South tower carrying a single bell. Light and airey with some of the best Victorian glass in Wales along with two 14th century lights the original East Window (now over the west door).In 1909 the gallery was taken down and a rood screen and organ were installed the pulpit resited and a new entrance to the vestry created.Light oak pews and an open oak roof gives a feeling of space and lightness.The church was reroofed 10 years ago and the limestone ridge stones were found to date from the Middle Ages.Work is to be carried out in the very near future on the West wall and the Eastern Apse

Public Transport

If you live in the Parish and need transport to any of our services please contact the Rector or Church wardens.


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