Feb 6th Notices

The Bangor on Dee Group      Notices February 6th 2022 4th before Lent

Today:                       09.45              Morning Prayer, Marchwiel

11.00              Eucharist Bangor

Tuesday                   19.30              Mission Area Bible Study on Zoom. Details from                                                                                   michael.winwood@btinternet.com or 01978 861640

Wednesday              14.00              Prayer Group Marchwiel
Thursday                  19.30              Bangor Church Committee in church

Sunday                     09.45              Eucharist, Marchwiel

11.00              Morning Prayer Bangor and Worthenbury


Marchwiel:  We are trying to begin to reopen the church every day. It is presently only open on Wednesdays. There is a list at the back of church for you to sign if you can help with various options: open and/or close, a week at a time/a day a week. Also, we still do not have a volunteer to coordinate the flower rota. Please see the wardens if you would like to volunteer.


Worthenbury Church Committee  Sunday Feb 20th at 3pm


Bible notes
If we had been asked to advise the Son of God on who he might wish to work with, would we have put fishermen at the top of the list? Fishing is a respectable trade, then and now, but it is probably not one from which we would expect great speakers or activists to emerge. It was a tough job that required patience and long hours out on the water. But God’s grace, as we have learned, is often extended to those whom we might not expect. Simon Peter is so overwhelmed by his encounter with God’s grace in the deep water that he asks Jesus to leave him alone. Perhaps this is unsurprising. The catch of fish would have been colossal. Galilean boats were likely nearly 30 feet long, eight feet wide and five feet deep. However, it is something deeper that touches Simon Peter: when he tells Jesus to leave him alone because he is a sinful man, there is a foreshadowing of Peter’s shame when he encounters his risen Lord and has to face his earlier denial of Jesus (John 21).                                                                               What is the deeper truth? Perhaps it is that Jesus has shown Peter and his friends that, just as they catch fish, he has caught them in God’s grace. From this moment on in their lives, nothing can be the same. Unlike the fisherman’s net, the net of God will set them free to be more than they could have dreamed. As their boats draw into the shallows at the side of the lake, they are about to enter the depths of discipleship.

Reflection     Looking at the history of the word ‘miracle’, it is clear that one of its meanings is ‘astonishing’ and ‘wonderful’. Whatever we think of the miracle of the huge haul of fish in the Gospel story, we have surely all encountered things that are astonishing or wonderful. What for you counts as wonderful and/or astonishing? What made a particular experience or situation astonishing or wonderful? How might we discern God in such experiences or situations? What might this tell us about the nature of miracles, or the way in which we get caught up in God’s story


  • What makes you feel overwhelmed?
  • What gives you confidence to overcome that feeling?
  • When/how did you get ‘caught up’ in God’s story?