notices Feb 13th

The Bangor on Dee Group      Notices February 13th 2022 3rd before Lent

Today:                       09.45              Eucharist, Marchwiel

11.00              Morning Prayer Bangor and Worthenbury

Tuesday                   19.30              Mission Area Bible Study on Zoom. Details from                                                                          or 01978 861640

Wednesday              14.00              Prayer Group Marchwiel

Sunday                     09.45              Morning Prayer Marchwiel

11.00              Eucharist Bangor

15.00              Worthenbury Church Committee

Thursday March 3rd                       Extraordinary MAC  7-9pm Hanmer Church

Wednesday March 9th                   MAC Presentation to ALL Church Committees 7-9 Overton


Marchwiel:  We still do not have a volunteer to coordinate the flower rota. Please see the wardens if you would like to volunteer.


One of the key aspects of the ‘Sermon on the Plain’ (as this section is sometimes called, because it takes place at the bottom of a hill, in contrast to Matthew), is how it is addressed to the disciples rather than the crowd. The crowd with their needs are there but, for now, Jesus’ attention falls on his disciples. And he begins to unfold what it will mean to be his follower while still grappling with the clamour of a world in need, He begins by focusing on blessing.

The idea of blessing is fascinating. It has implications of praise and worship, as well as of thanksgiving and ‘speaking well of’. Some people suggest that the English word comes from ‘to make holy’ or ‘to consecrate’, perhaps by sprinkling with blood! Whatever its origins, Jesus’ blessings – directed at those who follow him – can seem surprising. Praiseworthy are the poor? Or the hungry? Holy are those who weep? Even for Jesus’ closest followers, there would surely have been some raised eyebrows and puzzlement, for in what sense are those who weep praiseworthy or holy?

Or, perhaps, for some in the audience, Jesus’ words represented a moment of recognition and promise. In hearing these blessings, perhaps for the first time in their lives, Jesus’ poorest and hungriest disciples might have felt recognised and given fresh heart. It is usually the powerful and successful who receive all the attention. Jesus’ rather rag-tag band of followers would have been filled with encouragement. It would have been like the most ignored hearing their names called out by God on a roll call of honour.


Most of us can recall the famous old hymn, ‘Count your blessings’, name them one by one. We are a blessed people, yet so often life can cause us to lose focus of all that God has blessed us with. We can fall into the trap of equating blessedness with materialism. In other words, the more we possess, the more we are blessed. However, Jesus claims, ‘Blessed are the poor’ or ‘Blessed are those who mourn’ (Matthew 5.3,4). What does it mean to be blessed by God? And, just as importantly, what does it mean to be a blessing to others?