Prayers for Ukraine

Churches across the UK are planning how they can support the people of Ukraine through prayer.

On Tuesday 1st March at 6pm join with us and the Diocese of Europe and remember the chaplaincy in Kyiv and the churches that serve Ukraine, as we offer up prayers from the peace and safety of our own homes. Light a candle for Ukraine.

We call on the communities of the Maelor to show their support for the people of Ukraine by joining us on Ash Wednesday 2nd March when a day of repentance and prayer will be observed in our churches  and there will be services in Bangor at 11am and in Overton at 7pm,


Prayer for Ukraine from Bishop Gregory

Lord God, King of the Nations,

We beseech you to hear our prayers for peace,

and especially for Ukraine at this time.

May those who work for peace be strengthened by your Spirit.

Turn the hearts of those inclined to violence,

and bring dismay upon all tyrants and warmongers.

Help us and the leaders of the nations to know the ways which will bring peace,

and restore justice,

and deliver those who find themselves on the frontline of war.

Lord, in your mercy,

Hear our prayer.



From the Diocese of Llandaff

God of all people and author of peace, We pray for all who are involved in the current confrontation in and surrounding Ukraine. May the nations of the world, their governments and leaders base their decisions upon Your wisdom in all that makes for peace.

Loving God, we recognise that conflict brings tragic loss for all involved, and so we pray that eyes and hearts may be opened to those things that unite us in our common humanity.

At this time of fear and tension, we pray for your beloved children; that they may know a de-escalation of fear and threat, which would enable them to live in peace and dignity.

We pray for a longed-for restoration of tranquillity in Ukraine.



O Lord God almighty, who from your throne behold all those who dwell on earth: look down with pity upon those who endure the miseries of war. Have compassion on the wounded and dying; Comfort to the broken hearted; assuage the madness of the nations; guide our rulers; Give peace in our time O Lord. We ask it in the name of him who is the Prince of peace, even your son Jesus Christ our Lord.

Prayer written in 1914



Our Lord God your compassions fail not: support we entreat you, the peoples on whom the terrors of invasion have fallen; and if their liberty be lost to the oppressor, let not their spirit and hope be broken, but stayed upon your strength till the day of deliverance; Through Jesus Christ our Lord



O almighty God you can bring good out of evil, and make even the wrath of humanity turn to your praise: we beseech you so to order and dispose the issue of this war that all may be brought through strife to lasting peace, and that the nations of the world may be united in a new fellowship for the promotion of your glory and the good of all mankind through Jesus Christ our Lord



Lord of all, we think today of places torn by war and hatred, craving peace, yet still wracked by violence.

          We pray for those living close to arenas of combat-those whose homes and communities have been destroyed,. Reach out, and bring peace to our broken world

          We think of those who are fleeing as refugees and of those who have left fearful of what sort of reception they will receive at their destination

          we think of world leaders and governments, politicians diplomats and ambassadors all involved in putting pressure on warring forces to end combat and make peace.

          We think of members of the armed forces risking life and limb



 God of all, though it feels sometimes as though we pray for it in vain,

Hear our prayer for real and lasting change in our world.

          Hear our prayer for peace: an end to conflict and violence, and to everything that leads to division between person and person, culture and culture, creed and creed, nation and nation. Though so little seems to change, help us to keep believing it can happen

          Help us to keep believing that their change is slow, and not always for the best, we can still strive towards a better world, a brighter future for all. Though so little seems to change, help us to keep believing it can happen.



Lord of all we pray once more for peace in our world, for harmony between nations, for reconciliation where there is division, for cooperation where there is confrontation, for a willingness to resolve conflict through dialogue rather than through force.

          We pray for those who live in the shadow of war those who live each day in fear and uncertainty, whose homes and livelihoods are being destroyed, whose loved ones have been killed, who have had to flee from their country.

          We pray for those who attempt to initiate peace in troubled parts of our world; regions wracked by discord and division, hatred and suspicion political and religious divides.

          We pray for politicians and negotiators leaders and rulers-all with power to help effect change. Give them wisdom, compassion, courage and vision, so that they may act fairly and promote lasting peace acceptable to all Amen