13th March 2022

The Bangor on Dee Group      Notices March 13th 2022 Lent 2

Today:                       09.45              Eucharist Marchwiel

11.00              Morning Prayer Bangor and Worthenbury

Monday        11.00      Funeral of Rosemary Starkey at Worthenbury

Tuesday                   10-12  Coffee Morning Marchwiel

                                    12.30              Funeral of Geoff Oliver at Bangor

                                    19.30              Lent Group on Zoom. Details from                                                                                   michael.winwood@btinternet.com or 01978 861640

 Wednesday             14.00              Prayer Group Marchwiel

Thursday                  9.45 Eucharist Marchwiel

14.30-16.00   Lent Group Bangor

Sunday                     09.45              Morning Prayer Marchwiel

11.00              Eucharist with Baptism Bangor

LENT OFFERING, I suggest the Red Cross Appeal for Ukraine. There are forms available for those who need them if you cannot give online. Or send any donations via the Post to: Christian Aid, 35 Lower Marsh, London SE1 7RL or donate via christianaid.org.uk

. Cash donations may also be made and Treasurers will pass on any they receive.



We are running the York Course: “Better Together” The course booklet costs £3.80 and I have one spare copy.


MIDWEEK LENT COMMUNION various days times and places. Come to what you can.

Thu 24th         7pm                Bangor

Thu 31st         11am              Worthenbury

Weds 6th        9.45                Marchwiel


Weds 13th      11aml             Bangor


Luke 13 vv31-end

At that very hour’ (v.31) is at the time when Jesus is teaching that entrance to the kingdom of God will be on a different basis from what many expect: to have shared a dinner table with Jesus and hear him teach will not be enough to claim him as an acquaintance. Meanwhile, strangers from the four points of the compass will be welcomed in. The way in is through the narrow door and we should strive to enter through it. By beginning this narrative ‘At that very hour’, Luke is linking this teaching about the kingdom of God with the suffering of Jesus that is foreshadowed here. ‘Today, tomorrow, and the next day’ (v.33) speaks of Christ’s faithful service despite the risks, and the use of the specific phrase ‘on the third day’ (v.32) immediately makes a link to his death and resurrection. He knows (as perhaps any astute commentator of the time could guess, cf. John 11.16) that his journey to Jerusalem will be a journey to his death, but he does not speak about it in terms of his own courage, nor as a scornfully fierce martyrdom to expose the corruption of Jerusalem. He would far rather gather the people to him to protect them, but they are not (and will not be) willing. While Herod is a fox, wily and dangerous, Jesus describes himself as a hen. A rallying slogan such as ‘I am lion, hear me roar’ is always popular. How many of us would rally to ‘I am hen, see me gather’?


From Peter Mackriell

Could you circulate the invitation to Mission Area Prayers, on a Wednesday at 7 p.m., on Zoom, for the remainder of Lent?

Join Zoom Meeting


Meeting ID: 939 3566 8034

Passcode: 224032

ALSO, the first Prayer Breakfast will be in St Mary’s, Overton, 8.30  – 10.00 a.m. on Saturday 26 March.  Please ask people to book with me (for catering purposes and to gauge support).