Application for Holy Baptism

Application For Holy Baptism

We welcome applications for Holy Baptism, however, due to logistics it may not be possible to accommodate your request in a given church at a given time. To avoid disappointment, we recommend you contact the Rector on 01978 780608 to make a booking.

A downloadable application form for Holy Baptism is available at the bottom of the page, but please read the following first.


Congratulations on the birth of your child. We are pleased to welcome you to Church for this Baptism Service. Please take careful note of the following points and this will ensure that everything goes smoothly.

  • Holy Baptism usually takes place at 12:45 depending on place and my other commitments. Sometimes Baptisms take place during the main service. We cannot always guarantee a preferred date, but will do our best if circumstances are difficult.
  • All Godparents must be Baptised themselves. Give their first name and surname only– but in full. eg Joseph (not Joe)
  • Please arrive in Church in good time for the Baptism, and please ensure that your guests are in Church at least five to ten minutes before the Service commences. (Waiting at the gate does not count as “in Church!)
  • Your family and friends are most welcome to take video and photographs at the conclusion of the Service.
  • There is no charge for Holy Baptism. However a collection is taken since to keep our churches open we depend on your kindness. Please be prepared to make a generous Offering in thanks for the birth and Holy Baptism of your child.  If you are a taxpayer you may like to use a Gift Aid Offering Envelope to make your offering and the Church will be able to claim the tax back at no extra cost to you.

Sue Huyton 01978 780608

A copy of the application form is available to download here