Parish Diary


YouTube        Worship from Esgobty


Zoom            Prayer & Chat                 10:30 am


YouTube      Morning Prayer from the Vicarage


Zoom            Prayer & Chat                 10:30 am


Zoom          Corpus Christie Service     7:00 pm


YouTube      Spiritual Holy Eucharist from St Mark’s

Welsh Lockdown – Many of you will be watching and looking to see when we can all get back into our church buildings. We are following advice from not only the Welsh Government but the Bench of Bishops so as soon as I hear anything that is different to what we are doing currently, I will let you all know. I don’t think we’ll be able to just get back to church the way it was – there will be restrictions however I know we’re ALL keen to get back to our church buildings in some form or another so please note, as soon as I know, you’ll know 😊

Ordinations – Just to let you all know the current thinking on this. Bishop Gregory hopes to ordain Helen Dawson as our new Curate and George. The letter they received says this:

I intend therefore, under God, to proceed to the Ordination of all nine candidates for the Diaconate on Saturday, 4th July, at 1000hr in the Cathedral. Sadly, this ordination will have to be strictly circumscribed in order to meet government regulations. Only those whose presence is necessary will be able to be there. This sadly precludes any congregation, and ordinands will not be able to be accompanied even by the closest members of their families. The rite will be kept to the minimum, which means a radically shortened form of service, without the Celebration of the Holy Eucharist. Social distancing will be maintained at all times, with the sole exception of the Laying on of Hands, when strict hygiene will be practised.

The service will be online however so I’ll send you all the link so we can see them being ordained. I’m sure when lockdown is over, we’ll be able to celebrate their ordinations. 😊

Help for Self-Isolating – If you know anyone who needs help with deliveries, chats, shopping etc the community organisation ‘Nanny Biscuit’ can help. Their number is 07726230989 or email

Chat Rota – We could really do with a couple more people who are willing to relieve some of our team and chat to our members once a week (on average 3-4 people weekly) Just to see how they are. If you can help, please can you email the Vicar ( and she’lll get a rota out to you. Many thanks 🙂

Jigsaws – If anyone likes doing Jigsaw Puzzles, the Vicar has put some in a box at the porch so please just help yourself. If you’ve got completed ones you want to give away, please place them in the box for others. (Government restrictions apply when collecting)

MAC Zoom (Mac Members)– The Mission Area are preparing an Information Meeting. Mac Members please check your emails for further details.

Birthday – Margaret Aspinall. Please keep Margaret in your prayers and we wish her a very Happy Birthday.

Funerals Please light a candle on their funeral date.

Funeral: Betty Griffiths – Please keep Betty’s family in your prayers. Her funeral is Tuesday 9th June at 1:00pm at Northop then Kelsterton.

Funeral: Morag Harvey Wood – Please keep Morag’s family in your prayers. Her funeral is Monday 15th June at 2:40pm at Blacon.

Funeral: Mary Glenys Ward – Please keep Mary’s family in your prayers. Her funeral is Monday 8th June at Noon at Northop.