Bells of Saint Chad’s Church, Hanmer

The 6 bells are by Taylor’s of Loughborough. They were recast in 1890 from the original 14th century bells that fell to earth in the great fire of 1889. They weigh over 5, 6, 8, 9, 11, and 17 cwt making a total of just short of 3 tons. They are rung by 62 ft ropes extending from the floor to high in the tower.

This form of ringing is known as ‘full circle ringing’. The rope goes over a large wheel attached to the bell. Gentle pulls on the rope start the bell swinging until it is paused, resting inverted against a wooden stop. As ringing starts the bell swings down and round until it is almost but not quite inverted at the end of its swing. The clapper strikes the inside of the bell. The ringer now maintains the swinging. Control of the speed can allow the bell to change its position in the six. This gives the name ‘Change Ringing’.

The dedicated and skilful team of ringers ring regularly for Sunday and special services. They practice on Tuesday evenings and welcome new members willing to learn how to ring. Tower Captain, Peter Beckett, completed 25 years as Tower Captain in 2014. His leadership term has become the longest recorded. He still leads the team in 2018.

The tenor bell is inscribed ‘Come at my call to serve God all’. The bells send out a message over the village that God will be worshipped here in 2018 as in each century since the original bells were hung in the tower.

Entered 26th February 2015 last updated 18th October 2018 by Bill