Building Site 2013

The present boiler house

The Trap door to the old coke cellar

In 2013 this was the site of an intended extension to the church. Here there is a concrete slab beneath which is the old coke burner. Above it is the square block of the 1953 housing of the oil burner. This has a balanced flue above it. This was added inĀ 2002 to replace a faulty chimney up the tower.This ugly flue has now gone with the use of modern oil burners in 2014. The soot damage of the early coke burner and later oil burner can be seen on the tower. Damage to the window is less visible but perhaps more serious.

Our plan has changed and we now intend to replace the ringing floor in the tower and so free space at the base of the tower. COVID has further delayed development.

Entered 29th November 2013, last updated 24th January 2022 by Bill