Hundred Years


Hanmer Hundred Year Project

This was our church one hundred years ago. Now we plan modern facilities to provide a community building fit for another hundred years.

1911 PostcardSt Chad’s Church has a long and interesting history including rebuilds, extensions, restorations and repairs. We are just another step in this long history.

The first stage was completely replacing the heating in 2013. The urgent need to repair the roof made that the next priority. It was completed in 2016 after generous giving from local people and grant awarding charities. It remains the intention of the Church Council  to preserve our heritage and continue the use of this historic building. Many smaller restoration and repairs continue without being much noticed. We have been unable to provide permanent toilets because of heritage restrictions and so in 2017 we have provided a luxury mobile toilet outside the north door. We may soon be able to turn our attention towards the provision of further modern facilities.
In 2019 it was decided to restore the ringing floor in the tower and so free space on the ground floor for modern facilities. This floor was not replaced after the 1889 fire and bell-ringing has continued with extra long ropes since then. It will be a while before all the money can be raised and work will depend on raising appropriate grants.
This work was unable to start during pandemic restrictions. In the meantime work has been completed on professional cleaning of all windows. This has made the church much brighter with beams of sunlight dancing on the light oak pews.

More detail in Care For Church
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View1911 PCardb

View1911 PCardb