Church Re-Opened 1892

St Chad’s Church Re-Opened 1892 After Great Fire

St Chad’s Church was first built as a sandstone building in the twelfth century. It was destroyed in the Wars of the Roses and rebuilt by 1500 on its old foundations. It was destroyed for the second time by a Great Fire in 1889.

This service leaflet from the re-opening of Hanmer Church after the Great Fire was presented into our archives by Neville Adams of the Bryn Farm Hanmer.

The fire occurred on Sunday 3rd February 1889. Only walls and pillars survived. But just over three years later the church was reopened by the bishop Alfred George Edwards of St Asaph on Tuesday 19th April 1892.


The Evening Prayer Service included, these Psalms and Hymns
Psalm 24
Lift up your heads, O ye gates and the King of glory shall come in
Psalm 84
O how amiable are thy dwellings.
Psalm 122
I was glad when they said unto me: We will go into the house of the Lord.
Hymn 395 A & M
O Word of God above,
Who fillest all in all,
Hallow this house with Thy sure love,
And bless our Festival.
Hymn 242 A & M
We love the place, O God,
Wherein Thine honour dwells.
Hymn 215 A & M
The Church’s one foundation
Is Jesus Christ the Lord.
Processional Hymn 397 A & M
Lift the strain of high thanksgiving! (It is worth looking up this last one.)

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