Dafydd ab Edmwnd 1451

Dafydd ab Edmwnd, 1425-1500
A Hanmer Poet

Dafydd ab Edmwnd belonged to a branch of the Hanmer family descended from Sir Thomas de Macclesfield, one of Edward I’s officials who had settled in Hanmer.  Dafydd lived at Yr Owredd, Hanmer, where he was a wealthy landowner. His nephew, Tudor Aled, in his collected poems edited by T Gwynn Jones, writes of the building of the fine new mansion at Yr Owredd. Yr Owredd has become in English ‘The Arowry’. So the tradition that he lived at what is now Hanmer Hall Farm has some substance.

After he had won the bardic chair at the Welsh National Eisteddfod at Carmarthen in 1451, he defined the rules for writing Welsh poetry (cywddau). He lived through the Wars of the Roses during which Hanmer church was destroyed but his poetry shows little sign of the turmoil of the time. He wrote mainly love poetry along with some religious poetry and odes to great men and events. An elegy written in Welsh in memory of Dafydd ab Edmwnd contains a line lamenting that ‘Chad’s Church is locked’. This was the time before it was rebuilt.  This poem may be the source of the belief that he was buried here at Hanmer church in about 1500.

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