Barry-Roberts 1889

‘Curate’s Teapot’ of melted lead recovered at the 1889 fire is given to St Chad’s Church in 2009

Reg Meredith of Bettisfield presented, in October 2009, to St Chad’s Church a lead pot. The pot was made by Revd Frederick Barry-Roberts M.A, Curate at Hanmer at the time of the ‘Great Fire’ of 3rd February 1889. He made it using the lead from roof and windows that melted in the fire. He cast it at the smithy by the side of Hanmer Mere. Revd Roberts later became Vicar of Bettisfield from 1895-1921.

The ‘tea caddy’ pot is inscribed,

Hanmer Church,
Burnt Down,
Feb 3 1889

It is 10cm diameter and 9cm tall with the lid and iron handle taking it to 14cm tall. The pot weighs 2.479 kg whilst the lid is 0.637 kg, making a total of 3.116 kg (6lb14oz).

Revd Barry-Roberts, pictured here,  gave the pot to his friend, James Meredith, the great-grandfather of Mr Meredith. On the reverse side are his initials J.M.

 The pot is a remarkable link in the heritage of the church of St Chad’s, Hanmer. Its survival is astonishing and its return to Hanmer is a great joy.

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