Revd John Roan 1644

Ousted Vicar of Hanmer who became a Bishop

In June 1643, the Civil War came to Hanmer when Parliamentarians from Nantwich occupied the village and stabled their horses in the church. They destroyed church windows, statues, and decorations which did not conform with their Puritan views. With a sounding of a trumpet the churchyard cross was thrown down. Then on 25th June 1643 Welsh Royalists ambushed them by Hanmer mere and in the words of a contemporary account ‘put them to the sword’.

A new vicar was appointed in 1644 by the victors to the empty living left by Thomas Porter. He was John Roan. Born in Hanmer, he was educated at Brasenose College, Oxford. A later vicar records that ‘Though a native of Hanmer and son of Randolph Roan of Hanmer he was not accepted by the people of Hanmer and soon left’. We do not know for certain why they did not like him. As he was appointed after the 1643 massacre in which Royalists prevailed, he may have been appointed as a Royalist supporter and been overtaken by Parliament success. He left Hanmer for Ireland where he went on to become Bishop of Killaloe. He is buried there in the cathedral grounds.

Entered 23rd December 2019 by Bill Barlow