Revd Richard Steele 1649

Reverend Richard Steele M.A.

Vicar of Hanmer 1645 -1662

When the Puritans drove Richard Roan from Hanmer in June 1644 there were only itinerant ministers in the period 1644-1650.

In December 1649, at the end of this troubled and dangerous Civil War, when the Puritans were in the ascendancy, Richard Steele M.A. of Barthomley, Cheshire, was ordained at Prees, and made Minister of Hanmer.

With the restoration of the monarchy in 1660, the laws of the land became increasingly stringent against the Puritans. Sir Thomas Hanmer, the Cavalier, was restored to his house and estate and the authority of a magistrate.

Richard Steele held out for two more years, but then, along with many others, he refused to submit to the Act of Uniformity, which came into effect on 24th August 1662. He would neither use the Book of Common Prayer nor submit to Episcopal ordination. He was ousted from his post as Minister of the Parish Church by the magistrates. Then in 1676 he was obliged to leave Hanmer by the Five Mile Act.

By August 1671 Richard Steele was evidently settled in London. On Sunday 13th November 1692 he preached twice. On the following Wednesday at about 10 p.m. without any struggle or pain he quietly died. He was 63 years old.

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