Chad Well Directions

ChadCrossSmallerDirections to St Chad’s Well for Hanmer Pilgrims

Walk east from Hanmer Church past the Vicarage and through Church Square to the high street and turn left away from the mere past the Hanmer Arms to the junction with Hanmer Bypass A539. Cross slightly up the rise into a lane and almost immediately down another lane to the left. This is known as Brook Lane. About a hundred yards takes you to a gate on the right where a footpath sign indicates the way across a style into a field. This field can be very wet so this pilgrimage is best undertaken in summer.


Across this first field at its far side is a brook into which water flow from the original well has been piped. There is usually a good flow of water from this pipe into the brook. The original location of the well with possibly some hidden structure to it is now a wet patch in the field ahead to the right on the far side of a field gate. Little remains as it has now been drained and filled in.

Look back and see the tower of St Chad’s Church.

Almighty God,
from the first fruits of these nations
who turned to Christ,
you called your servant Chad
to be an evangelist and bishop of his own people:
give us grace so to follow his peaceable nature,
humble spirit and prayerful life,
that we may truly commend to others
the faith which we ourselves profess. Amen.


A footbridge by a cattle feeder leads across the brook and continues the path towards Mill Farm. From the lane turn right and then right at a T-junction to return to Hanmer.


Alternatively for a longer 2-mile walk, turn left along Mill Lane, past Mill Farm, up into the hamlet of Horseman’s Green. There turn left and at the next T-junction where the tower of Chad Church is visible turn left back to Hanmer down Brook Lane.

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