Kempe Windows

Three windows by Kempe in St Chad’s Church

Southeast window  – Saint Chad, Mary, St John, and David of Wales with crucified Jesus.
South window  – King David, Saints Asaph, Patrick, and John.
North window  – Abraham and Sarah with the three heavenly visitors.

Wheat Sheaf


Wheatsheaf – All three are signed in 1901 with the single Kempe wheatsheaf. Until 1895 this consisted of three wheatsheaves on a red shield trimmed with gold. From 1895 a single wheatsheaf was used. After Kempe died in 1907 the company carried on and a black tower was superimposed on the wheatsheaf. 

Charles Eamer Kempe was apprenticed at The Clayton & Bell Studio in London then opened his own studio in 1866, where he created stained glass windows that can be seen around the world, including in the nearby churches of Hanmer, Overton, Rossett and St Giles, Wrexham.

North Window
Abraham serves three angelic guests whilst Sarah watches (laughs) in tent flap. Genesis 18

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