Pilgrim and Tourist

St Chad’s Church is open daily for tourism. You may be a pilgrim to holy places. You may want a quiet place to think and pray. You may be interested in our connections with St Chad, Owain Glyndwr, R S Thomas, C E Kempe, Lorna Sage, or the Civil War. You may be interested in church architecture or just want a picnic in the grounds. We welcome you with a church which we open during daylight hours throughout the year. Should you have a group who want a short talk about our church we will try to oblige.

The 146 Wrexham-Whitchurch bus service stops by the mereside gate, shown here. There is parking by this gate for cars and coaches. There are benches suitable for picnics.

Gates in Winter

The Hanmer Arms almost next door can provide food and refreshment.

There is a general shop with a Post Office by the mere. We also have a flower shop and a butchers shop in the village.

Entered 27th November 2014, last  updated 19th June 2019 by Bill.