Access to the Church

The steps up from Church Street can be very daunting!

Because St Mary’s is built on such a steep slope, access isn’t easy, and we are constantly looking at ways to improve things. There are very steep steps up from Church Street, but visitors can reach a shorter flight of easier steps by walking up the street to the next turning (Red Bank).  The gate here is always open at worship times, but may sometimes be locked on weekdays.  Whichever way you enter, there is an additional flight of steps up to the main (south) door of the church, but the tower door will be open at service times, and this can be reached without any further steps.

It is possible to drive round to the area by the tower door, which is accessed by a short ramp and has no steps.  From Church Street you have to turn up Red Bank, to the east of the church, and follow this steep road right up to the mini roundabout.  If you turn right round here so as to head back down the way you came, you will see halfway down an unmade track to the right, leading into the churchyard.  Follow this track (with some caution) and you will reach a paved area by the tower door, where there is parking for no more than two or three cars, but with disabled access to the church.  You do this at your own risk as the track is often slippery and we would particularly advise against using this track in wet or icy weather.

The church is normally open on weekdays from 10am-3pm from the beginning of March to the end of November.  Occasionally the church is not open for some reason – if you wish to access the church when it isn’t open, please contact the vicarage on 01938 553164.