Who’s Who at St Mary’s

Here are some of the people who share in ministry and leadership at St Mary’s:

Vicar (of Welshpool, Castle Caereinion and Pool Quay):
Revd Steve Willson

The Vicarage, Church Street, Welshpool, Powys SY21 7DP. Telephone 01938 553164.


Hon Associate Priest:
Revd Canon Dr Roger Brown

Parish Administrator (inc Church House Bookings):


Nikki Piggott, Sue Williams, Phil Hopkins & Clive Evans;
also Kath Broxton at Belan.

Worship Leaders:
Margaret Morris, Sue Williams,
Judith Hope, Phyllis Brown, Robin Smith, Ivor
Morris, Ann Rowell, Jennie Willson

Pastoral Assistants:
Judith Hope, Sue Jones, Yvonne Williams, David Ben Jones, Ivor Morris