Biscuits went shopping and in ten minutes and twelve items their shopping had travelled five and a half thousand miles! Read on to find out how.



Halkyn Mountain Parishes Youth Group aka ‘Biscuits’ completed a 15 minute worldwide shop from Chile, Mexico, Costa Rica, Argentina, Uruguay, Spain, France and Italy without using the internet. In fact all the produce was found on the local supermarket shelves. Yes! You guessed it! They bought some fruit for the week.

Of the 12 items of fruit on their list, they could not find one sourced in the UK. In fact their 12 items had travelled a total distance of 53,369 miles – more than enough miles to go twice round the world or to put it in a more local context to make 9 trips from Halkyn to Chester, every day, for a whole year!!!!.
Next week the Biscuits group will be visiting the Blue Bell Inn in Halkyn ( to find out from Steve Marquis how the Blue Bell menu is made up with foods, beer and soft drinks sourced locally. The group will then plan a diary of year round produce which can be grown locally.