Blaithewaite Camp

Blaithewaite Camp is for those in the Biscuits age group. Blaithewaite is in massive grounds and near the beach too. So plenty of activities going on!

This summer I went to Blaithwaite in the Lake District for a
week.  Blaithwaite is a Christian outdoor
activity camp. Each year we have a mad theme and this year it was Rubber
Ducks!! As our week was themed around rubber ducks we learnt about stories
in the bible that included water, such as – the flood, Jesus walking on water
and living water. 

We did two activities a day including kite flying  on the beach, a day of walking, kayaking,
shopping, canoeing, climbing, archery and mountain biking.  In the mornings we would have ‘Thought for
the Day’ which would give us something to think about during the day and then
in the evening we would have evening worship and bible study. 

After that came evening entertainment before we went to
bed.  It was really nice to see all the
people I have met there during the past three years, and I hope I can keep
in touch with them over the next year and see them again next summer.  Lizzie Mackriell.

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