May Newsletter and Rota

.           Rota for the Corwen Group of Parishes May 2017

.                            7th                    14th                     21st                       28th

Carrog             9:30 MP           11am HC            9:30 HC              11am MP

.                         Rector                Tony                Rector                  Dorothi

Corwen          10:45 MP    10:30 Xtian Aid      10:45 MP             10:45 HC

.                      Michael       Capel Rehoboth        Dorothi                 Rector

Cynwyd          9:30 MP       Christ Church          9:30 MP              9:30 HC

.                           WL                in Bala               Dorothi                 Rector

Glyndyfrdwy  11am HC                                    11am MP

.                          Rector                                        Rector

Gwyddelwern                                                      2pm HC

.                                                                             Rector

.                       HC = Holy Communion. MP = Morning Prayer.

Rector: Canon Martin Snellgrove                                               01490 413 520

Assistant Curate:  Rev Dorothi Madogwen Evans                     01678 520 496

Rev Tony Dilworth                                                                     01490 430 586

Michael Winwood – a visiting preacher from Llangollen          01978 861 640

Brenda Smedley – the Reader based in this group of parishes   01678 530 792

The next meeting of the Ladies’ Friendship group is on Wednesday 3rd May at 2pm in the Lady Chapel of Corwen Parish Church.  This will be led by members on the subject of ‘My Favourite Psalm’.

From the Rector.

This month sees further signs of the division of the Deanery of Penllyn & Edeyrnion as the congregation of Cynwyd joins the emerging Mission Area of Penedeyrn for worship in Christ Church in Bala on the morning of Sunday 14th May, whilst representatives of the other parishes in this group of parishes meet in St Collen’s Church in Llangollen at 7pm on Wednesday 24th May for the commissioning for Valle Crucis Mission Area – a service of Holy Communion to be led by the Bishop.  This will include the opportunity church wardens to sign up for the remainder of the calendar year, before they become sub-wardens within the Mission Area from January 1st 2018.  The event will be followed by bring-and-share refreshments – please bring a plate and/or a bottle.  All who attend church are welcome – not just wardens and PCC members.

Our curate, Dorothi, will be ordained priest at St Asaph Cathedral at a service beginning at 10am on Saturday 24th June.  The following day she will preside at Communion for the first time at a special service at which the preacher will be Dr Adrian Murray, who trained and worked alongside Dorothi as a Reader in Bala.  Further arrangements to be confirmed in the next Newsletter.

Many will be surprised, if not saddened, to learn that my opposite number in Bala, the Revd Elaine Atack, has decided move to take a house-for-duty post in the Diocese of Lichfield for family reasons.  I believe that this will be in a parish near Whitchurch and that her husband, the Revd Phil Atack, who has taken services in this group of parishes in recent years, will retain his Permission to Officiate as a priest in this diocese.  We wish them both well.

The Church in Wales is aware of the need to be transparent in all its dealings and it offers appropriate training at different venues.  For those with responsibility with children and vulnerable adults there is an evening training session at Christ Church in Bala from 6pm to 9pm on Tuesday 30th May.  To book a place email or speak to me.

I recently attended a workshop about the Happiness Course, run by Liveability, which is the successor to the Shaftesbury Society.  It has been described as a pre-evangelism course which may be used to develop good relationships with the wider community and makes for fertile ground when it comes to offering other material such as Alpha and Exploring Christianity.  Whatever you think of the name I would like to offer a pilot of this four-session course with church members.  If you are interested in exploring in a small group what is the nature, source and purpose of happiness, let me know and we will try to identify a mutually convenient date for the first session.  Jesus said, ‘I have come that they may have life, and have it to the full’ – John chapter 10 verse 10 – shouldn’t this include happiness?  Likewise, whereas some translations of the Beatitudes from the Sermon on the Mount in Matthew Chapter 5 begin each one with the word ‘blessed’ others begin with the word ‘happy’ – ‘Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor – the Kingdom of heaven belongs to them!’ – quoting Today’s English Version.