Dog Tongs!

Dog Tongs or Dog Pincers


Dog pincers were strange and important instruments in use in the past centuries. They were constructed either from hard toughened oak or iron. Their purpose was to take hold of and restrain dogs that followed their owners to church. Responsibility for the use of the pincers rested with the Church Warden as part of his duty in maintaining order during the church service.

Many of these instruments can still be seen in the older churches of Anglesey. The pincers in Trefdraeth are made of oak whilst those in Penmynydd Church are made of iron.

The pincers closed round the neck of the dog and from whose grip there was no chance for the animal to escape. Its special design and length prevented the restrained dog from attacking the person who had captured itThere is now no need for the use of such protective instruments as only infrequently one sees dogs following their owners to church. Its present day interest lies more in maintaining the traditions of our forefathers, who in their dedicated devotion would wish nothing, least of all unruly dogs, to impair upon the sacredness of their worship and the sanctity of the church.

Eifion Alltud  1892

Reverend H D Owen, a former Vicar of St Gredifael, Penmynydd with the Dog Restrainers.These are still in the Church