Ardal Gweinidogaeth Bro Ardudwy Ministry Area

We are a group of Anglican churches within the Church in Wales, serving a string of rural communities on the West coast, from Llandecwyn, in the North, to Bontddu in the South, including the historical town of Harlech.

We have different identities but a common purpose – to worship God, grow his church and love the world.

To reflect the bilingual culture of this area, both Welsh and English are used in the  worship of most of our churches. Don’t worry – whichever language is used, you will have no problem following the service as our resources are bilingual and all preaching is in English.

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Information about the churches in our Ministry Area is included below:

Church/Community Social Media Page
St Tecwyn, Llandecwyn​​
St Mihangel, Ynys​​ Facebook Page
St Tanwg, Harlech Facebook Page
St Mair, Llanfair​ Facebook Page
St Tanwg, Llandanwg Facebook Page
St Peter, Llanbedr​ Facebook Page
St Dwywe, Tal-y-bont Facebook Page
St Marys, Llanaber
St Johns, Barmouth Facebook Page
St Davids, Barmouth Facebook Page

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