Saint Madryn’s, Trawsfynydd


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Saint Madryn

Saint Madryn (or Modrun) was a 6th Century Welsh saint and a princess of Gwent. When on a pilgrimage to Bardsey Island with her handmaid St. Annun, they stopped off at Trawsfynnydd. They both had the same dream in which they were ordered to build a church, which was was later dedicated in their honour. She is usually assumed to be the same as Saint Materiana who has churches dedicated at Boscastle (where her tomb was a shrine until the reformation) and Tintagel. The Tintagel church has a stained glass window dedicated to Saint Madryn:- link

Carn Fadryn, or the Madryn estate near Nefyn on the Llŷn peninsula also shares the name. This resulted in Welsh emigrants to Argentina in 1865 naming their new home Puerto Madryn – it’s now home to nearly 60,000 people and hosted a Wales Argentina rugby match in 2006!

Roman Catholic martyr St. John Roberts (1577 to 1610) was baptized in Saint Mardryn’s.