Children & Young People’s Activities

St Idloes Youth Club meets in the Church Halls on alternative Friday’s during the term time. The club is a place where young people can come to explore Christian Values in a way that is relevant to them. At the heart of this discipleship are relationships of trust – relationships built on ‘doing life’ together – walking the same path together, sharing together, and learning together. We acknowledge that this takes time, honesty and effort, and St Idloes Youth Club is intentional about committing time, energy and open hearts to meet the needs of young people from Llanidloes and the surrounding community.

We are also about having FUN… Youth Club is a place where young people are able to gather, socialise and chill out together. We play games, chat, and have social trips. And there are always some delicious goodies. that’s if Angus doesn’t find them first! If you’re aged 13-18 and would like to come and join us, please get in touch with Jon: 07467373434 OR