Open the Book/Agor y Llyfr

A few years ago, when we all belonged to one Ministry Area (Seintiau Braint a Chefni), about 11 or 12 of us from various churches agreed to start going to Llangaffo School to present Open the Book to the children. Our churches are now in two Ministry Areas (Bro Dwynwen and Bro Cadwalader) but we decided to carry on a joint ministry for the children, as we felt it important that we try to bring to life stories from the Bible for them.

We meet once a fortnight in term time, firstly to rehearse and two days later to perform each story (please note: we really need more men!). Llangaffo School has now been combined with two other schools to become the new, larger Ysgol Santes Dwynwen in Newborough.

How do we go about presenting Open the Book? We use the stories in the Lion Storyteller Bible, specially written for children. We don’t need to learn the script for each story as we have paper copies from which to read our parts. At the beginning, we usually remind the children that they need to use their imaginations! The cast, suitably attired, then act out the story, with a narrator filling in any necessary information as the story unfolds.

At the end, the narrator draws attention to the moral or message of the story and the children are then invited to hear a short, appropriate prayer and, if they wish to join in, to say ‘Amen’. Usually the headteacher  or deputy then asks the children questions and makes salient points about the story. All of the cast, though no longer young, really enjoy presenting Open the Book and probably derive as much benefit from doing it as do the children. We would love to see more people, especially men, willing to help in this important work for children.

The Open the Book/Agor y Llyfr team