Inviting all the baptised to share Communion

The Church in Wales is changing its policy on admission to Holy Communion. From Advent Sunday, 27th November 2016, all who have been baptised in the name of the Trinity will be welcome to receive Holy Communion if they wish, whether or not they have been confirmed. The only restriction is that the law on not giving alcohol to the under 5s should be respected and obeyed.

The implementation of the policy in the Parish was discussed at the PCC meeting on 15th November. Leaflets explaining the change will be available in each church for those receiving Communion for the first time. Those who do not wish to receive Communion may come to the altar rail for a blessing as usual (crossing arms or holding a service book would be a helpful sign). Children under 5 will be welcome to receive the bread. Parents or guardians of children over 5 may give permission for their children to receive the wine (in Llandybie Church this will be recorded in a book so that we don’t have to ask each time). Gluten free bread is available – please mention your requirement to the Wardens before the service.