St Brynach’s Pontfaen

VICAR  –  Rev.Christopher Brown   

 tel: 01348 875536                                                                                                                     


    The Reverend Dr.Jennie Annis, Tel:  01348 811121


 Lilwen Mc’Allister, tel 881 297

   Brian Morgan,   tel 840480


Every week the Vicar forwards the appropriate service and readings for the coming Sunday which everyone is asked to read, if possible at 10am on that day,  so that we may continue to worship together although apart.

If you would like to receive these comunications please phone or email the vicar, Rev Christopher Brown     tel: 01348 875536  


Due to the lockdown we do not have people able to print and distribute copies the bimonthly of the Parish News but we do have a digital copy.  If you would like this sent to you email

from the Church in Wales Provincial website, dated 16th March 2020


 and this contues until further notice.

from The Vicar –

Any queries please feel free to get in touch. Please contact people in your congregations who may not know.

This is a very severe and serious step designed to save lives and minimise illness. The need for prayer has not been greater. It is perhaps a good idea to try to organise each congregation to pray in their homes at set times, especially normal service times, and to advertise this fact. Social media can for once have a good influence and allow prayer requests and concerns to be transmitted.

This means we are now a housebound Church. For some of the elderly, telephone will be the only point of contact. Please let me and the other clergy know if anyone needs a call. A visit will have to be specially arranged.

I do not “do” Facebook, Twitter etc. If there is someone who does and is willing, can you please advertise the fact that there are no Church services and that prayers will be offered at the set times. Prayer requests can be sent to my email.

Strange times demand sacrifices, however, we must be creative and remain as close as possible to our Lord.

Every blessing


Hopefully to be reinstated before too long   SERVICE TIMES

There are two services a month at St Brynach’s and the church is open to visitors every day.

First Sunday
11.30am  Morning Worship
Third Sunday
11.30am  Holy Communion