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    The Rev. Dr.Jennie Annis, Capel Newydd Dau, Dinas Cross, Newport SA42 0YB

CURATE  Rev Jordan Spencer Tel:   01348 874144 email:


David Annis, Capel Newydd Dau, Dinas Cross, Newport SA42 0YB


 Rev Canon Jeremy Martineau OBE,11 New Hill Villas, Goodwick, SA64 0DT tel 874886 Rev David Hawkes, (Methodist) Coeden Fach, Penslade, SA65 9PB  Tel 875558

Church Wardens:    

     Perys Worth, Tel 872648   

     Tim Owen,  Tel 873267   


JUNE 7th 2021 !!!     A huge step forward …….

The entrance is now complete so access to the church building is now open for the following services

 Sundays for the

10am service of Holy Communion

and on

Thursdays for the

10am service of Holy Communion

Covid restrictions have been eased and it is no longer necessary to book in advance.  However Masks must be worn.



Sunday 19th Dec                                            NO 10am  service

6.00 pm     Carol Service by candlelight

Thursday 23rd Dec                                        10.00am Holy Communion

Saturday 25th Christmas Day                        10.00 am Holy Communion

Sunday 26th Dec                                            No service

Thursday 30th Dec                                         No service

Sunday 2nd Jan                                             10.00 am Holy Communion

From January the weekday services will revert to Friday at 10.00 am 

starting Friday 7th January.




Good gracious, Lightnight is going to be on November 20th.  That’s incredibly early but the church must take part like we have always done.  So what to do in these days of Covid?  In the past we have lit up the whole church with fairy lights and lanterns but that would not be possible this year.  So the decision was made to create a ‘grotto’ out of the church porch and offer children a small wooden Christmas tree decoration to be decorated at home.

When the church driveway was relaid we ensured a hole was included to accommodate a Christmas tree plus a handy power point for the lights.  Who knew that trees have to be ordered in August!  A conversation was had with Nick Chilton who was providing the town tree and he kindly undertook to track one down for us.  He found one the other side of Carmarthen and fetched it for us in his trailer.  Not only that but he erected it which would have been a challenge too far for us, particularly a one-armed Dick Russill (one-armed following a shoulder replacement operation)!  The tree looked magnificent but it was a good 15ft high so how were we to get the lights on it?  Again the unexpected came to our rescue.  We arrived at the church on the Friday morning to create the grotto to find the drive blocked by a cherry picker and 2 men installing the town Christmas lights on a lamppost.  Firstly one of them helped to unload the car and then commented that we would never be able to reach to install the lights on the tree.  Cue the cherry picker driven up to the tree and within a few minutes the job was done!  How amazing that first Nick Chilton and then the kind men with the cherry picker were available just when we needed them!

The grotto looked quite magical when lit up in the dark and at 6.00, when the town lights were switched on, we illuminated our Christmas tree.  Then we waited.  A few minutes later an orderly queue formed in the drive and at one point stretched as far as the Royal Oak!  A total of 130 people visited the grotto and all 72 tree decorations were handed out to children with no one going without.  The comments were heart warming and made all the effort worthwhile even though a light rain was falling.  We are enormously grateful to Lesley and Perys who came to help and did sterling work dismantling everything once the last person had visited.  The tree will remain for the Christmas and New Year period for all to enjoy.  Who has a good idea for next year’s Lightnight?

There was also be a celebration of the HARVEST in October

The drive!!


Every week the Vicar forwards the appropriate service and readings for the coming Sunday which everyone is asked to read, if possible at 10am on that day,  so that we may continue to worship together although apart.

If you would like to receive these comunications please phone or email the vicar, Rev Christopher Brown     tel: 01348 875536

All details may be seen on St.Mary’s facebook page


For I’m Building a People of Power”

So goes the first line of the hymn (no 193 in AHO&N if you want to look it up!) And it’s interesting that this short line combines the notion of ‘people power’ with that of ‘construction.’ There’s a popular argument that ‘church is not a building, but its people.’ This is flawed, suggesting they are mutually exclusive. In truth, both are vital. Our raison d’etre in Fishguard is about Ministry and Mission. Peoples’ actions and concern for others is one form of ministry, whilst the presence of the church building is one form of permanent witness to our mission … as well as providing a tranquil and sacred space for the many visitors and worshippers for whom ‘the building,’ and what it stands for, matters. 

Very soon our ‘building’ will be open again … enhanced by the new, level, driveway to the church door and the annexe. Inside, the new refreshments’ servery is magnificent and gleaming woodwork, matching the existing wood panelling, successfully conceals a comprehensive range of kitchen equipment. Now free of building materials the church has had an amazing top-to-bottom clean and is ready for action as soon as tarmac has been laid on the driveway. Actually, it’s now more than a driveway as the area between the front of the main church doors and the external (main) annexe door has been opened out to provide a gathering area. Possibly even a ‘pavement café’ for coffee after services! A beautiful stone-faced wall surrounds this area.

Talking of ‘old,’ I come from the same family as did Reverend William Rowlands who, between 1854 and 1857 built the church as we see it today. It’s taken us a lot longer to build the annexe, but we have had to do consultations and gain all sorts of permissions which won’t have burdened William Rowlands who was inclined just to get on and do stuff! Good man. But real life now involves so many authorities who have to be placated before work of any kind can be done. However, we are nearly there … equipping St Mary’s to play its twin roles of Ministry and Mission in these modern times when ‘believing’ or not is almost relegated to being a consumer choice. If we don’t succeed at ‘mission’ then there’ll be no one left to ‘minister’ to. In toiling on with the physical building we have Faith that what we’re doing will also enrich personal lives and community spirit. Why else would we bother? 

Meanwhile, nature doesn’t know that building work is going on and yesterday’s glorious daffodils in the churchyard are now followed by today’s daisies. Like the church, they are ‘behind bars’ at the moment but not for much longer.

Dick Russill




All details may be seen on St.Mary’s facebook page


Due to the lockdown we do not have people able to print and distribute copies the bimonthly of the Parish News but we do have a digital copy.  If you would like this sent to you email



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