St Davids Church

St. David’s Church, Llwynhendy, and known locally as “Yr Eglwys Fach” is built upon the foundation of an ancient chapel and burial ground called Capel Dewi, sometimes called Capel Berwick. Very little is known about this edifice.

Some research into old maps, circa 6th century, shows that numerous foundations from the great monastic house at St. David extended eastward through Central Wales almost to Hereford, their location largely determined by the line of the old Roman roads. Capel Dewi is clearly marked, being one of the many Dewi Chapels or Churches, and erected by disciples of our Patron Saint in South Wales and named after the Saint. It must be remembered that two pilgrimages to St. David was equivalent to one in Rome, indicative of the high status of our patron saint.

In another History of Llanelly, it is stated that in 1282 in the reign of Edward I. that there was a Chapel of Ease in Llwynhendy and further in 1553, commissioners appointed by Edward VI. to visit all the parishes in the country to make an inventory of church furnishings reported a silver chalice at Capel Dewi.

Immediately south of the current St David’s Church an ogham stone was reported in the nineteenth century.

A number of eighteenth century plans of the building depicted a west bell tower. In 1912 the building consisted of a nave and chancel, measuring 40ft x 13ft and 12.5ft x 11.5ft. In 1912 the north and west walls had vanished, with the height of the south and east walls given as some 8ft, and their depth as 2ft 6in. The crown of the arch dividing the nave and chancel was noted to have fallen, and the east window to have disappeared. The remaining fragments of the east window were reported to show a deep splay to the interior. A small orifice at the north-east corner may have been an aumbry.

Recently the Church has been renovated with the removal of the pews to make it a dual purpose building with a small kitchen to the rear of the Church and are hoping to have a disabled toilet added in the near future.

Services from September 1st 2021

Sunday 9.30am
1st and 3rd Sunday 
Morning Prayer
2nd and 4th Sunday
Holy Eucharist

Wednesday 5pm  Evening Prayer