Men’s Fellowship


The Men’s Fellowship was resuscitated in May 1991 by Canon Michael Davies shortly after his induction as our parish Priest.

The annual subscription was set at £3.50 and it now only £5!! (great value!!!)

Since being reformed, there has been but one treasurer, Hugh Davies and two secretaries, the late John Harley (1991-96) and Alun Bowen Thomas 1996 to date. The Fellowship has at all times been encouraged and supported by our splendid clerics, Michael Davies (1991-2008), Gary Powell (2009), and Huw Mosford (2014-).

The Fellowship meets on the first Tuesday of each month from September to March and all meetings are held in the splendid Church Hall.

In the years since its inception our members have enjoyed listening to humour and knowledge of countless excellent speakers, who have covered a most catholic range of topics, which have included , inter alia :- Local History, Motorcycling in the USA, Local Murders, Llanelli Pottery, Llanelli Cinemas, Venice, Florence, Custom and Excise, Patagonia, Local Drug Smuggling, Battle of Britain, Submarines and Submariners, The Botanic Gardens, Mumbles Railway, Jewish Life, World War 1, Queen Victoria, Giraldus Cambrensis, The Brontes, Hilter, Dance Bands, et al.

The Fellowship involves itself totally in all the religious and secular life of the Church, and certain members have so faithfully and readily given of their time to maintain the churchyard and hall grounds. It has formed choirs to sing in Advent Services, an Old Time Musical Hall, VE Concerts, together with teams to compete in quizzes with the Mother’s Union. Our strolling players perform annually during the Church’s Christmas Cheer gathering and must be seen to be believed!!!!!!

The Fellowship likes to wander!

It has enjoyed a Mini Cruise Santander, Visits to the Garden Festival in Ebbw Vale, St Fagans, Brecon and Llandaff Cathedrals, Big Pit, Bristol to view the Great Britannia, the Swansea Mission to Seaman, each of the 17 Churches on the Gower Peninsula, and Ffos Las Racecourse.

The Fellowship provides and decorates the Christmas tree each year, and its own Christmas Celebration have been held in various venues, and graced by qualitative speakers, such as the late Ray Gravell, Phil Bennett, Huw Llewellyn Davies, the Reverend Howard Jones, et al. The Christmas Lunch is now held in January primarily because of the plethora of turkey lunches and dinners in December!

The membership of the fellowship is not confined to Church members, and we happily continue to recruit new members each year to share with us the friendship, learning and good humour, which are the hallmarks of our Men’s Fellowship.