St Peters Church

St. Peter’s Church was built by the Neville family, one of the prominent industrialist families of the town, to serve the industrial workers’ community of the expanding town. Building commenced in 1860 in what were then open fields adjoining Field House the property of the Neville family.

Consecrated in 1869, the Church served a significant increase in the Town’s population, an increase due to industrial expansion. The open fields adjacent to the church soon became a housing development area for the increasing number of workers settling in the town. Owing to the increase in the number of worshippers re-ordering took place in 1876 and again in 1892 enabling the Church to seat up to 900 people.

Today a third of the area which contained the pews has been partitioned off, providing the Church with a kitchen and sizeable community area, which provides for a range of community groups and church functions and meetings. There are plans to make a meeting room at the back of the Church a faculty will soon be in place for this improvement.

The Church of St. Peter has always had a tradition of High Churchmanship in the Anglican tradition, with the observance of Saints Days and days of obligation.

We only have one weekly service due to COVID 19 restrictions, this is subject to change when regulations allow

For details on how to book a place please see the COVID section of the website

Wednesday  – 10am Holy Eucharist

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