Frequently Asked Questions

We are delighted that you interested in Baptism.

The steps you take

Baptism is all about living the Christian life, of which the service is a small (but important) starting place. Those serious about baptism will prepare for it by seeking to live the Christian life before, and most importantly after the service in church.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a problem if my partner is not a Christian or does not come to church?

No. We can baptise you, or your children, based on your own faith or the faith of one parent. But all  people are very welcome at Church and we want those who do not share our Christian faith to find a place within this celebration and our church community.

Can my child be baptised if one of us if from another denomination or faith?

There is not normally a problem. We encourage you to talk to your other denomination or faith  community and understand their feelings about the baptism. We do not want to be divisive in our  community and where possible would hope to act in ways that build relationships and understanding. We would also encourage partners to talk together about the implications of their differences for parenting and life, especially in relation to the promises made at baptism.

Can I have the baptism on a specific date?

If there are particular reasons why the baptism should be on a Sunday other than our normal

pattern, then please talk to the clergy and we may have some flexibility.

Can the baptism take place at a service other than the main morning services ?

Please speak to the Clergy about this.

How many people can come as friends and relatives?

As many as you like, we encourage you to make it a true celebration!

Do we have to dress smartly?

The Church is very relaxed, flexible and welcoming. If you want to dress up, that’s great, but if you want to be more informal, that’s fine. The important thing is the meaning, not the clothing.

What happens in the service?

This will be covered in the preparation, but you are not required to perform or have any specialist skills! – just to be yourself.

Will this cost anything?

No. There is no charge for this (although you are always welcome to make a donation to the

church’s ministry).

Will someone be checking up on our church attendance or beliefs?

We are not a police force! We want all to be welcome and appropriately relaxed when we gather together. However, as outlined above baptism has significant expectations on parents and others about their own beliefs and practice. We do not take a register on Sundays or judge individuals. However the promises that are made are in public and in front of the church community and so it is important that serious consideration is given to our integrity and honesty. Where parents or others are not wholehearted in their answers the baptism will never become what it is fully meant to be.

To discuss arranging a Baptism, please contact us