Prayers by our congregation members

Several members of our churches have submitted prayers that they have written. We would welcome more contributions.

We pray for those who  are   sick . Comfort and heal all those who suffer in body , mind or spirit.Give them courage and hope in their troubles and bring them the joy of salvation .We pray for those who have been affected by the coronavirus. We pray for our community  at this time.Give grace to us and our families and friends and to all our neighbours . May we serve Christ in one another and love as he loves us. AMEN

We pray for the good earth which God has given us and for the wisdom to look after it. We thank God for his many good gifts. We give thanks for the beauty of creation. AMEN

Loving Lord, Please hold us and all who miss church so much in your hands at this time, keep us all safe and well as we look forward to a time when we can meet again together. AMEN

Bless all who work in the NHS and the care homes today, we thank them for all they do to look after our loved ones. We thank you Lord for the work they do. AMEN

Lighten our darkness Lord with the knowledge of your love and care. Be with us as we isolate from our friends and families. We pray for those who are ill and suffering from this virus, may they know you are with them.AMEN

Dear Lord, guide our government and councils as they make difficult decisions. Guide scientists and doctors as they try to find a cure and guide us as we find ourselves living in a very different world. AMEN

Heavenly Father you are the one true God, make your presence know to us as we find we are living in changed world. May those who have rejected You in the past come back to You now. May those who have never known You, discover your grace and love. We pray for all who are ill and all who are helping them, we ask that their hearts are opened to your message and love. AMEN