Baptism (Christening) in St Mary’s Church, Burton and St Ismael’s Church, Rosemarket

Baptism (Christening) in St Mary’s Church, Burton and St Ismael’s Church, Rosemarket

We are now able to offer baptism services in Burton and Rosemarket.

However in view of the continuing COVID 19 risks the following conditions will apply:

  • The service will be after the normal Sunday service. In practice this means from 12 noon onwards.
  • The number of people able to attend the service will be limited. The candidate (baby / child), parents, godparents (maximum 3), and the minister are all that are required to be present for baptism. To allow for the inclusion of grand parents we will allow a maximum of nine adults (in addition to the minister) to be present in the church.
  • Where an infant is involved, a parent / guardian or member of the infants regular or extended household should hold the infant, including during the baptism itself.
  • Only the minister and the parents will be at the font, while godparents and any others should maintain physical distance
  • Everyone must sanitize their hands when they enter and leave the church, face coverings must be worn by everyone over 11, and social distancing must be maintained.
  • We will require in advance Test, Trace & Protect information for everyone attending, together with an indication of whether each person is fully vaccinated. The table on the reverse of the baptism form must be fully completed.

We are sorry that these conditions are necessary, but we have a general legal duty to protect all people who come into our churches from harm and the conditions are in accordance with an approved COVID 19 Risk Assessment.


Should you have any questions please contact:

Revd Steve Bessant – Tel 01437 890701 – E mail