Vicars of Eglwyswrw

Vicars since 1408

The Record of Vicars of Eglwyswrw since 1408


1408   Rev. John Dwy

1408   Rev.Howell ap Gwyllim

1408   Rev. John ap Atha

1496   Rev. Phillip Lloyd

1534   Rev. Morgan ap H’s

1591   Rev. John Nicholas

1630   Rev. Phillip Bowen

1663   Rev. Richard Harries

1683   Rev. William Pritchard

1721   Rev. David Evans

1736   Rev.Watkin Lewis

1736   Rev. George Broch ( 18th October )

!756   Rev. James Protheroe

1765   Rev. James Davies

1773   Rev. William Morris

1780   Rev. John Gwynne BA

1783   Rev. James Bowen

1810   Rev. John Morgan

1831   Rev. Donald Prothereo

1856   Rev. Thomas Evans

1876   Rev. Thomas Jones

1900   Rev. Isaac Morgan

1915   Rev David Lewis Daniel

1927   Rev. Oliver Davies

1934   Rev. David Samuel Jones

1941   Rev. Evan Tom Parry Morgan

1956   Rev. George Noakes            Note 1

1959   Rev. William John Jones

1977   Rev. Bertie Lewis                 Note 2

1990   Rev. Alun C Salmon

1992   Interegnum

Services mainly by Rev. Meurig   Davies

1994   Very Rev. Bertie Lewis

1996/7 Interegnum

1997   Rev. John Pryce Lewis          Note 3

2006/7   Interegnum

2008   Rev. Canon Euros Lloyd Thomas LLB  Note 4

2013 Canon David Tizzard           Note 5




1.         Rt Rev George Noakes was

Bishop of St Davids 1978 – 1987 and Archbishop of Wales 1987 – 1991

2.         Very Rev Bertie Lewis was appointed Dean of St Davids Cathedral in 1990 and returned to be Vicar of Eglwyswrw due to failing health.

3.         Rev John P Lewis is the son of the Very Rev. Bertie Lewis and moved from Eglwyswrw to the Holy Trinity Church, Aberaeron in January 2008 where his father once served as the Vicar of Aberaeron.

4.         St Cristiolus Church was in the Nevern Group of Churches until 2008. In 2008 the Parish was reorganised into the Cilgerran Group of Churches. Canon Euros Thomas was Inducted as the Vicar of Eglwyswrw in July 2008.Canon Thomas died in January 2013.

5. Canon Tizzard was inducted as Interim Minister for the period from the 23rd June 2013 to 2nd February 2014