St Elli Church opens up for private prayer

News from Canon Huw

Dear Friends and Colleagues, 

The First Minister has stated that Churches can now be opened for private prayer. The Archdeacon has advised that for the time being one Church in each  LMA should be opened.  Having discussed the matter with the Archdeacon and the Ministry Team along with the Wardens we believe that the most appropriate Church to open for Private prayer is St Elli Church, as this is the Church with the most footfall and would be a good witness that the Church building is once again open to our community.

As this Church covers the centre of Llanelli we believe that this is the place where we can be most effective in showing the love and care of our Lord during these trying times, whilst remaining safe as we welcome people in to Church.

We have already reordered the inside of St Elli   for the most effective distancing requirements and have  provided  the appropriate signage with a one way system in place.  The  Church will be open for private prayer  on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturdays from 12-2pm. We already have volunteers to steward the building with appropriate PPE as necessary. I will be writing to the volunteers in due course with a rota system in place and ensuring that there will be at least two sidespersons in the building at any one time.

I would welcome more sidespersons to volunteer so please get in touch if you wish to help, bearing in mind that those who are 70 years and over,  who are self isolating or have underlying health problems are encouraged not to volunteer.

Be assured that we have undertaken a risk assessment, followed the Government and the Church in Wales guidelines and following a site visit by the Archdeacon he is now satisfied that all the necessary safety measures are in place.  

St Elli Church will therefore be open for private prayer starting next Tuesday 30th June from 12-2pm and thereafter as previously stated.

I believe that Churches may soon be open for weddings and funerals, again keeping social distancing, with no hymns and the numbers will be severely restricted. I have not been informed as to when Churches will be able to conduct baptism services or be open once again for public worship.

The virus (unfortunately) is still with us and still as virulent as ever, so please keep your distance and keep safe.

The Ministry Team look forward to welcome those who wish to pray in Church during the weeks that follow and please remember in your prayers those who are still suffering as a result of this pandemic.

With best wishes as always,