MU Project

Every year during Lent for the last 10 years or more, Dafen MU have knitted or sewn for those less fortunate than ourselves.

Mrs Eirwen Williams and Mrs Nona Thomas have been responsible each in their turn to find little projects for the members to do during that time.

Over the years we have knitted squares into blankets for Romania, knitted baby bonnets for premature babies, also bonnets and blankets ( Fish and Chip Babies) to go out to Africa, Teddies for tragedy for children suffering from trauma, Balaclavas  for Mission to Seamen. Easter Chicks and Easter Bunnies to sell for the Charity  Bopath.

On the Sewing front, we have sewn Shorts and Dresses to be sent to the African Children in war zones.

 This year Mrs Fay Killa found a knitting project of Squares to be made into  Dressing Gowns from a Charity called Knit for Peace.

Initially the Dressing Gowns were a project to Keep Britain warm (for the elderly who were in their own home and struggling with the winter fuel and for those who were homeless.)

Instead of the full length dressing gowns, it was decided to do the shorter jacket as we could complete more of them.

However now, in view of the recent disaster, they will be sent to Nepal.