MU Projects Displayed

MU display to celebrate 140 years of the MU in time for the Bishop’s visitation on Feb 4th. 

This display will remain,until after the commissioning Service by the Bishop of Glenys Payne ,as our new Diocesan President, on Monday Feb 15th

On the wall example of last years Lenten Project, a Jacket made up of 72 squares sewn together,then all the edges crocheted, captured on film by Tinopolis which can be viewed on our website

We completed 10 jackets which have been sent to Nepal for the victims of the two earthquakes.










The full display with examples of the MU members work – Cross in your pocket (the hospital chaplain’s appeal), Easter chicks and Easter rabbits.The photograph is of the current Branch members taken at the opening Eucharist Service 2015 of all 40 members in our branch.















On the right,an example of a blue knitted shroud for Aids babies in Africa, that were called Fish and Chip babies as they were wrapped in newspaper .

Beside that, examples of this year’s Lenten project, ‘Twiddlemuffs’ for Dementia patients in our local hospitals and care homes. We are hoping to complete quite a lot of Twiddlemuffs as they are needed in our local carehomes